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Join our gladiator program and help us create the high-tech future of combat sports. Gladiator Members receive 10% off all merchandise in the UWM Shop.

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Join up as a UWM Gladiator Member today for AUD$88 per annum (incl. GST). It is the single biggest contribution you can make to UWM’s vision to create an exciting new combat sport.

Our vision is to reignite interest in weapons-based martial arts that have been practised and developed over thousands of years using cutting edge technology.

As part of our Gladiator family you will enjoy the following benefits:
  • Exclusive UWM Gladiator Key Ring, with personalised membership number
  • UWM Gladiator Membership certificate
  • Member login access to exclusive content and opportunity to provide feedback on UWM's format and development
  • Access to exclusive UWM Gladiator Member merchandise
  • 10% discount on all merchandise purchases from UWM’s online shop*
  • Priority and/or discounted access to tickets for any UWM live events, shows, filming sets, training sets
  • Exclusive access to any Members only events (tickets will be limited)
  • "Gladiator Allegiance" status - UWM takes your joining date and consecutive years of membership into account when allocating tickets or other benefits^
* Calculated automatically when members are logged in.                   ^ Long-term members are given priority over new members based on their "Gladiator Allegiance" status. Please refer to Gladiator Terms & Conditions and Gladiator Code of Conduct.